About Us

Orange Aluminum – Architectural and Structural Aluminum Supplier

Orange Aluminum was started in 2007 with a vision to be the national leader in aluminum extruded trim, shape and bar supply. They provide standard and custom aluminum extrusion stocking solutions through an unapparelled combination of logistics, technology and innovation.  Their offering is backed by 1000 different stocked profiles, more than 1 million pounds of inventoried material and services ranging from custom stocking programs to custom length and fabrication.  

Our strength is our customer service, and aluminum is our specialty. Orange Aluminum works directly with local mills to provide the most competitive pricing, and deliveries for our clients. With our primary location in Orange County and Los Angeles, we are easily able to overcome logistical issues with customers from any location in the United States.


Be the national leader in aluminum trim, shape and bar supply.  Providing uniue stocking solutions of standard and custom aluminum extrusions through strategy in logistics, technology and innovation.

Mission Statement

To be a trusted strategic partner




We understand that working with a supplier requires trust, trust that we are giving you the right information and trust that we will deliver on what we say.  We know aluminum extrusions better than anyone in the industry, that knowledge combined with our resources we offer to every customer.



Our customers are our partners, together we strategize opportunities and leverage our knowledge.  More simply put, we can only be succussful if we both win.



We believe that businesses should make a positive social impact; that’s why every quarter we give a percentage of our sales to a non-profit chosen by our staff. We try to select local non-profits that provide a service that we believe in. Non-profits rely heavily on donations and volunteer energy that draws on the powerful altruistic impulse that is a key aspect of what it means to be human.  This value is part of our culture, and a cornerstone of our companies belief.




We want to help, and our staff is empowered with the education, resources and authority to make it happen for you.  You will not need to speak to different people in different departments, your contact will be there to help you every step of the way.