Garage Cabinet Trim

Garage Cabinet Trim

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Use our premium aluminum clear anodized handles to finish off your cabinets. The combination of the shelf stiffener and the continuous pull adds both function and style to any color cabinets. These sections are specially engineered to pressure fit onto melamine boards. The shelf stiffener will snap any shelf straight and maintain shelves’ rigidity over time from excessive poundage and use. The continuous pull is cheaper than some regular steel handles on the market and provides a far more sleek and attractive means to open cabinets, while contributing to a flush sleek cabinet installation. With a premium look and the multiple advantages of using aluminum, there is no better way to customize your cabinets today.

ALLOY 6063-T5
FINISH Clear Anodized, White Powder Coat, and Black Powder Coat
CUT LENGTH 8 Foot Cut Length
TOLERANCE Standard System of Measurement Inch Material

Shelf Stiffener

Shelf Stiffener Shelf Stiffener

• For push fit on material withthicknesses of 3/4” and 1”.

• Ideal for correcting and preventing sagging shelves in garage cabinets, pantries, and closets.

• Popularly used in combination with OA6920 Pressure Fit Continuous Pull

Continuous Pull

Continuous Pull Continuous Pull

For push fit on material with thickness of 3/4”. Ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications, to run entire length of door or drawer.

Popularly used in combination with OA5479 Pressure Fit Shelf Stiffener.

Available in 3/4” (.750”) Width; 1-27/32” Tall (1.837”)

8’ Length

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