Custom OEM Extrusions

We are an aluminum company, we know our stuff…  It would be fair to say that our passion for aluminum is second only to our awesome customer service. 

So we stock aluminum, we stock a lot of it, actually our inventory is just north of ½ million pounds of extruded products!  However, just because we stock almost 1000 different shapes, doesn’t mean we have everything… actually, in a lot of cases no one has what you are looking for, however unlike others trying to compete with us – we offer the ability to purchase custom extruded profiles tailored to meet your needs, with no minimums, and free engineering services.

Our buying power is unparalleled by anyone in the market, we have a direct relationship with 2 large extrusion houses and access to half a dozen more… we have access to over 10,000 dies and all of which are manufactured within the United States.  Our resources and relationships in this market are primed to support your  business, whether its 3 feet or 30,000, we can provide value to your extrusion programs.

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