Orange Aluminium

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that businesses should make a positive social impact; that’s why every quarter we give a percentage of our sales to a non-profit chosen by our staff. We try to select local non-profits that provide a service that we believe in. Non-profits rely heavily on donations and volunteer energy that draws on the powerful altruistic impulse that is a key aspect of what it means to be human.

Unlimited Horizons is a non profit organization that raises money to purchase backpacks and school supplies for  children in low-income families.  Our sales representative, Mike Canzoneri chose unlimited horizon as the organization to give back to. “The reason I decided that I wanted Orange Aluminum to sponsor Unlimited Horizons this quarter,  is that they put every donation to good use for kids in low-income families. Unlimited Horizons found low-cost school supply distributor that sell them school supplies, mostly backpacks, for a fraction of regular wholesale prices. As a result, purely through donations and sponsorship, Unlimited Horizons supplies hundreds of school backpack to needy kids every year.

Supporting great causes has impacted all of us here at Orange Aluminum by knowing that we are helping organizations achieve their mission! We donate because we believe in giving back to non-profits that work hard to keep our local communities thriving!