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Non-Profit Highlight

Wells Bring Hope is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing safe water to various parts in West Africa and empowering women. They start by drilling a well in a village and after it is done they work with that village for 15+ years and educate people on things that will ensure sustainability: sanitation, hygiene, drip farming and well maintenance. Other than providing clean and sanitary water, they also empower women by providing microfinance training; this allows women to become entrepreneurs and small business owners. Sanitary water is something that we all take for granted and most of us cannot imagine how it would be to travel many miles to get clean water, especially if you are a child or a women who would need to do this every day, this causes many children and women to not be able to go to school and receive an education as they will not be walking for hours looking for water. I chose this charity because it has shown me how something so common, basic and accessible to me is not easily attainable in other countries. Wells Bring Hope is dedicated to bringing the people of West Africa these basic necessities to those who most need it.